Room Additions & Expansions

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You’ve been in your home for a long while. As the years go by in the house, the family may grow and the kids just need more space to break things. Your parents may need and desire more attention as they come to visit or even live with you on a regular basis. On the flip side, you could be moving in to this new home or maybe you recently built this new home. For some reason though, the space of the place just isn’t enough to satisfy.


That is why building an addition to the home reed springs remodeling and extending rooms can be very helpful. You may have bought the home with all the right bedrooms and the living room may have lots of space, but you have a wonderful view of Table Rock Lake and you need a beautiful deck to go with it. The new baby may be on the way and you’re needing to build out your home to accommodate for the new human life form coming into existence. You are not a professional construction expert though that can get projects done swiftly and with ease. So who can you turn to when your home is needing to add a new addition or extend a space?


J Givich Construction has been doing this for numerous clients in the Table Rock Lake area and reed springs remodeling. As a stand-out team of people who strive for stellar work every time, you can always find them making a new deck for a home or extending the space in the living room. Once they have finished each project, it’s like the home always looked this way. While the steps and the effort to make this project possible may seem daunting, the team at J Givich Construction has a great plan to appease you and give you confidence.


Knowing Where Your Property Lines Start and End:

Doing a home addition or extension requires lots of space for operation and since you are choosing to build out your home, it also requires attention and approval from your local city government. The city government places ordinances and qualifications for the zoning of properties in an area. Basically, they have certain standards for the homes that are created on sectioned off properties. Doing this helps to ensure that before anybody builds new properties or anybody decides to add a giant water park to their vacation home, that the city gives the approval (or disapproval) of these decisions. If you start this process and don’t inform the local city government about this additions, then it could cost you. This also depends though on whether or not the property you’re making an addition to is in a tight neighborhood. If you have lots of property to work with, then surely you will have more flexible to build and expand that dream home.


With the professionals at J Givich Construction, you will find that the time and hassle of dealing with the city government (we will be honest, it can be a hassle), will be placed on the shoulders of our experienced team. James Givich, the owner of J Givich Construction, has been in correspondence with the local city government multiple times and has gone through the process to make sure that your property can built built without major headaches. If there are headaches, James and the team would be delighted to take the anxiety for you. So breath the sigh of relief and find comfort in our team today.


Complementing the Current Home:

Unless you are building a giant water park themed after the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, you will need to ensure that the new addition matches or at least complements the current home. Our team at J Givich Construction has been known to make great reed springs remodeling decisions and suggestions to homeowners about what would work best with their current home, what supplies and materials we will need to create similar home schemes, and possibly adding new materials or features to accentuate the current home. This is an important step that may seem obvious, but as you may know, people have real interesting ideas about what should happen with their and what they think would be great decisions for their home. That’s why with our insightful guidance and experience working on numerous homes in the Table Rock Lake area, J Givich Construction can definitely service you well throughout the process.


Like a New Home:

Similar to how your home was originally built, our team will be utilizing the same principles in building your masterpiece addition for your current home. These steps of course start with the process of building a foundation with slab & concrete. Now this feature will be used on a majority of the addition projects, but with decks or smaller projects, this may not be such a necessary task. Simply talk with the team at J Givich Construction today to see what steps will be required for your next build-out and what the costs will look like. We’ve ensured that you’ll be getting great value for the high-quality results you will find at the end of the project.


In addition to the foundation building though, we’ll sketch and put up the framing for the new addition. Walls will be solidified and held together by great beams of strength for the new add-on. Next, we’ll break out the paneling on those walls and ensure that it’ll be a great enclosed space with our roofing capabilities (that’s right, we do it all for you). Next some the essentials to decent living in the new addition with heating & ventilation now circulating through the addition and electricity and plumbing navigating through the interior. With insulation, drywall, flooring, painting, and possibly added features of windows, your new addition will be finished and look like it was always there by the time we are done with the project. Our work speaks for itself and with any person that has worked with us, they will express the same sense of gratitude. Schedule a free estimate on your next project and experience our on-budget guarantee today.

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  • Integrity

J Givich Construction guarantees your satisfaction. We stand behind our work.


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