New Home Construction

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You are tired of living in someone else’s home that they built way before you were born. We get it. Having your own place to call your own is quite an accomplishment and will give you a great sense of joy and pride. Whenever you build your new home though, it’s quite a decision to jump to. There are lots of steps and costs associated with this grand venture and if you are not careful, you could be working with someone around the area that will be solely interested in taking the big check and leaving. Around here, that is what we call being “ozarked.” Unfortunately, it happens way too often and the amount of distrust and dissatisfaction with the contracting, reed springs remodeling and building industry continues to mount as these guys who pull up with a truck and a tape measure seem to still be getting jobs for some reason.


At J Givich Construction, we are looking to end this anxiety. We are led by none other than James Givich who has made a name for himself with his clients as a stellar example of excellence and professionalism with every project. It does not matter that it is just a simple and small project like a front-door stairway, or if it is a large-scale, fully-engrossed project like building a new home. James will ensure that his team is expressing and representing the same values as he does. Enough about us though and how we have been satisfactory. Let us talk about what you came to this page for, the kind of commitment it takes to get your new home construction started and finished. There are dozens of steps that take place, but we’ll simplify it to five general phases of the building process for reed springs remodeling.


Phase 1: Site Preparation and Approval

Since this is a new property, there are various preliminary priorities that need to be made to get things started. For starters, we have to get the local city government on board with the new home. While although you may be a blazing conservative or God forbid a libertarian who despises any involvement with government, this is just the way it works. So it is good to have an experienced team here with J Givich Construction who has dealt with this issue numerous times and has a great checklist process for being able to walk through and ensure nothing is missing. Don’t you hate it when you work with a contractor who seems to have all the confidence in the world to take care of a job, but it looks like at every turn, they are filled with surprises and unprepared to handle the task? By the sheer fact that James Givich has been in business himself for almost two decades and has served all of those years in the Table Rock Lake area, you can find multitudes of clients who are on-board and love his work.


Phase 2: The Bare Bones of the Dream Home

With your human anatomy, you have your bones that stand as the structure where your muscles and fat (unfortunately a little too much fat) build upon to create the fully-formed human body. In the same way, your home is built up like so. So for the first point of action, we have to create a solid foundation where your home will stand. For how many years J Givich Construction has been in business, we have always seen time and time again that problems with the home often stem from poor care for details at the foundation process of the new home construction plan. Sure, earthquakes and other unpredictable catastrophes may occur, but that does not exist as an excuse to providing you a terrible job.


With J Givich Construction, you can trust that the details are critical to the reed springs remodeling success of his work. In fact, you will find stories of James working on projects, almost getting the project to a close, but then pauses to reconsider the operation. As he considers the scope of the work that’s been done, instead of leaving early and just being satisfied with a half-decent job, he goes back and spends extra time ensuring that this project with not wither away, but last for decades to come. And along with the foundation and platforms at the base of the home, he’ll ensure this continues to happen with the framing process of the home and throughout the whole experience of working with J Givich Construction.


Phase 3: The Exterior Build-Out

Now it is time for the essentials of what you will see as the end result of the outside of the home. While we are not at the interior and all the useful amenities you love about homes just yet, we will first need to install all of the roofing and exterior paneling of walls. While some contractors may just simply hire out a roofer to come and do the work for him (leaving the job site to the roofer you did not hire while they go fishing), J Givich Construction has all the tools in their belts to be able to supply everything that’s essential to building your dream home. And even if his team needs extra help for other contractors, he and his team will be there to ensure that the project is safely up to the standards that we place on ourselves with each job.


Phase 4: The Nervous System and Guts of the Home

Excuse our usage of human anatomy throughout this, but it just seems so applicable because now, we have come to the part of the home that you find with the insulation, the drywall, the installation of HVAC systems, plumbing, and electrical work, and the theoretical muscles of the home. While other contractors may get tired of working in the sticky heat of the Table Rock Lake and will just strap up the job at the end, J Givich Construction has the emotional capacity and endurance to be able to withstand the pressures of the job and supply outstanding work everything single time.


Phase 5: Finishing Touches and Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

By the end of it all, you and our team will actually build quite a good relationship. Trust will be formed and you may even be obligated to make us food and drinks for our toils. While that certainly isn’t required, it would certainly be appreciated!


Yes, we will do all the finishing touches as well by making sure that every corner of the new home is built to your desires. At J Givich Construction, it satisfies every fiber of our being to be able to deliver you a high-quality home that you will enjoy for a lifetime if you so choose. It all starts with a simple phone call or by filling out our form today for a free estimate. Let’s get started.

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  • Integrity

J Givich Construction guarantees your satisfaction. We stand behind our work.