Bathroom Remodel

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There are many things to consider before tackling a bathroom remodel or reed springs remodeling. For instance, the age of the house, the type of floor structure (concrete, crawl space, or second floor), and the type of fixtures you’re going to use (toilet, shower, bathtub, faucets, etc).


Is your bathroom on concrete or a crawl space or above a floor? The biggest part is if you’re wanting to change your bathtub to a shower, or move the toilet to another location, you have to change the location of the drain to accommodate the fixtures new position in the bathroom. In this particular process, there can be several unknowns even after a thorough inspection. For instance, if it’s determined the flooring structure is concrete and the home is older, we can usually tell what type of plumbing is there but we won’t know the exact location or direction of the drain until we remove the concrete. The age of the house can play a big part in reed springs remodeling because of the plumbing types such as cast iron, clay pipe, or even Orangeburg used before the common plastic pipe we use today. In an older home when remodeling a bathroom, drainage plumbing will need extensive repair or even replacement. Yet one of the easier bathroom remodels is when there is a crawl space below the floor of the bathroom to be remodeled. In this case all the plumbing can be easily accessible, unless the original builder did not leave enough room between the ground and the structure, then your back to removing flooring to gain access from above. Now to the last structure type, the bathroom is on a second or third floor, determining the plumbing location can be tricky. Changing the location of a toilet in this instance could possibly mean removing drywall on the ceiling below the bathroom to gain access to the drain piping needed to be relocated.


Switching out toilets, sinks, and faucets often times is one of the more prevalent choices in remodeling. This can help give the bathroom a fresh new look without the hassles of major reconstruction. Just by simply changing the fixtures, or a quick paint job, or even new flooring can easily give you that updated look you’re wanting. But by no means am I saying that this is a simple task. Many times the water shut-off valves, won’t shut off, or assembling your new toilet can easily get broken. Don’t even get me started on the faucets, those babies can be a nightmare to get to. And a new faucet usually means a new drain in the sink so your finishes will match. So don’t feel foolish by giving J. Givich Construction a call to assume the care of even the smallest of your bathroom reed springs remodeling projects. And with the many finishes to choose from like oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, wrought iron, brass, and so on, you can get your bathroom exactly the way you want it.


There are many cabinets also available for bathrooms and this could be anything from your local big box store to a custom designed work of art. These cabinets could be painted, stained, or even faux finished. Then to finish off your new vanity there’s the choice of a new countertop. Of course there’s many selections here too like marble, onyx, granite, formica, tile, and even wood.


When upgrading your bathroom, there are other decisions as well. Things like changing doors, or sizes of doors, lighting, the trim work, and even the size of your bathroom. Some of the clients in our past have decided to change they’re hinged doors into pocket doors. Where others needed wider doors for easier accessibility. Both of these typically come with framing structure changes and is a more in-depth project. Sometimes the bathroom walls are load bearing walls so when we are changing the framing structure, there is a need for temporary support walls. We haven’t had a bathroom remodel project that’s ever been too difficult for us to complete, it’s all in the planning.


Lighting in the bathroom is an important step also, because this is the place we make ourselves presentable to go out into the world. Not to say that night time is any less important, after you’ve gone to sleep, having a night light or dimmer switch built in to the bathroom lighting can be quite useful. It’s just so you don’t have that bright light waking you up everytime you or your spouse have to use the bathroom in the night. A window or skylight can add great daytime lighting as well, and a less confined feeling in those smaller bathrooms.


Then we have the choices between a shower, bathtub, or a combination of the two. Depending on your preference of showering, bathing, or accessibility choices, can help determine your type of bathing feature. The most customizable shower is of course, the tile shower. A tile shower will give you options like a flush bathroom floor to shower floor transition, an endless variety of color schemes to choose from. A fiberglass or acrylic shower can give you the one piece feature for easy breezy clean up. Or the cultured marble that’s in-between tile and fiberglass.


Fortunately for you J. Givich Construction has the knowledge and skills to tackle any bathroom remodel project. With everything that’s been discussed here though, it all comes down to your dream bathroom and what you are looking to build and construct for your home. Nothing will work unless you are satisfied and have the utmost appreciation for the time and commitment that is being made by our team at J. Givich Construction. So that’s why it’s so important that you give us a call today and schedule your free estimate so the process can finally begin from your bathroom looking yucky and into you being lucky to have such a great bathroom! Apologies on the joke there, but hopefully the message is clear that you will love working with us at J. Givich Construction.

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