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In this section we would like to introduce you to things like why we love what we do, what sets us apart from the competition, and the reasons you should choose to work with us. Also how are commitment to total excellence in  Reed Springs remodeling, values, and safety insure the best value of the finished product. And in closing a quick summary about the creator of the J.Givich Construction, owner James Givich.

Why Do We Love What We Do?

We do it with having the ability to put our skills and knowledge to use where we can build and create from an idea or plan the customer has envisioned, and then bring it to life for them. We also love learning about the various new technologies that are emerging all the time in the building trade from new exterior products to new plumbing and electrical fixtures, or even new types of flooring, and how they work to benefit us as the builder and you as the homeowner. Then we use these new and improved technologies to make the home more efficient and beautiful for you to enjoy for many years to come. Yet the most rewarding reason for us at J. Givich Construction comes from the customers themselves and their appreciation and awe of our abilities.


What Sets Us Apart From Other Contractors?

There are many contractors in the Table Rock Lake and reed springs remodeling area that can be hired, but the difference between the other contractors and J. Givich Construction is with our extensive experience in construction, we do not bring excuses, but rather, results you’ll love. With many of the other contractors you will experience headaches and constant excuses, and find the other guys unconcerned with details. Here at J.Givich Construction you know what you’re getting because we stick to the plan and we work to meet and exceed your expectations with reed springs remodeling. Other contractors keep you full of surprises and  you never know what the end result will be and it typically doesn’t measure up to what you ask for. We at J. Givich Construction have been working construction jobs for over 35 years and know what it takes to provide 5-star construction. Just because you have a truck and tape measure, doesn’t make you a reliable contractor. So don’t get “Ozarked” by hiring the incorrect contractor. At J. Givich Construction we have a Work First, Play Later attitude where your project is more important than fishing or playing on Table Rock Lake. We are more committed to making sure your project is done on time and on budget. With the other contractors you’re never quite sure when they left and when they will return to finish the project. J. Givich Construction strives to keep our customers happy because we know happy customers will return to us and refer us to new clients.


The reasons to  work with J Givich Construction….

From the beginning we treat each relationship between us at J. Givich Construction and our customers with honesty,  respect, and inclusion along with other core values which insures we have a clear communication of a step by step process regarding the projects our customers hire us to create for them. With this respect, we build conference and a trustworthy relationship that often creates future construction and/or remodeling projects with our clients.

Clear Communication

Considering our years of experience the team at J. Givich Construction will be attentive to the needs of our customers to make sure we get everything you need or want developed into your project. This only happens with an in-depth conversation of the project and what’s trying to be accomplished.



The diversity our team delivers at J. Givich Construction gives our customers the convenience and advantage of a one stop shop. This means we can do anything from creating a floor plan to completely building your new Table Rock Lake dream home. Or if you just need a room painted, or a new ceiling fan installed, or garbage disposer replaced, etc.

With this in mind, consider all the time savings of not having to meet with numerous contractors and phone calls, it will even save $$ in your pocket and more importantly, less stress.


We Can Build Anything…

Well we can’t build rocket ships. But if it’s a home, we’ve got you covered. J. Givich Construction has been in the Table Rock Lake area for many years and with our years of experience and the knowledge of how to build things correctly, we will tackle any job and do it well. We have even built rotating closet shelving with hanging rods to accommodate more hanging space in the master closet of a remodel project in Galena MO. That’s just one of the many examples of how diverse our work is.



Due to our experience, knowledge, and talents hard at work, we can provide you maximum efficiency and results with minimum cost. This means our customers get more quality work accomplished for their investments.

Flexible Choices

Through calibration with our customers and determining their goals with each of their projects, we at J.Givich Construction can give our clients several options to choose from. Something as simple as hardware finishes to overall room design. With our experience, we can help our clients get the best value for their budget.

Our Commitment to Total Excellence

Let’s begin with a story of reed springs remodeling taking the extra effort to ensure proper drainage for under deck dry-space and the client’s impact of it. In this instance to achieve the proper water run-off for the under decking dry-space, we needed to have ¼ inch per foot of fall to accomplish this. We had a steel beam and posts bolted in place and set by the steel contractor. Then we framed the deck joists in on top of the beam and installed the drainage system between the joists (this is a pre-cut  rubber membrane with a specific installation procedure). After installation, we checked for proper elevation change and discovered it was not at the optimal point for water drainage. At this point, I decided to unbolt the posts from the concrete and elevate the entire post/beam assembly by 1 inch to achieve the optimal drainage for this system. The homeowner arrived and asked what the issue was. I then explained the situation, as above, and to this day, he still tells this experience with J. Givich Construction about how the little things like this gave him the realization that he had chosen the perfect contractor for his project. This is a common theme with everything we do. While doing things like this might seem over-the-top, this ensures the highest quality for the best reed springs remodeling value we can provide to our customers. We will not finish a job until it is 100% fool-proof. We could overlook the minor things like this, but then we would be just like any other contractor and that’s not what J.Givich Construction is about. Our goal is to achieve the best results with every job and with that in mind, you typically end up with an extremely precise end result. Now if you prefer less than perfect work, there is always other avenues such as non-profit organizations and of course the cheapest bid from the other contractors.


J Givich Construction’s Values

Honesty and Integrity – We consider this to be the most important values. Let’s face it, if we cannot be honest with each other, the project is doomed from the start. Personally I have never enjoyed or appreciate being lied to, it’s just wrong and bad for business. Now integrity on the other hand is a hidden quality that you can’t see for a long time. Integrity runs deep with J. Givich Construction. When we build projects we always have it in our mind that if we were building it for ourselves, we want it perfect, so that’s how we build, to the best of our ability without exception. So with these values of integrity and honesty strongly implanted in our team, we build very trustworthy relationships with our clients.

Teamwork – “All for one and one for all.” With this mentality, our achievements and shortcomings as individuals bring us together as a team. Of course no one is perfect, but with the combined knowledge and experience as a team and helping each other along the way we all win.

Commitment – This value shows our dedication which in turn, builds trust because when we commit we fully intend to finish.

Sacrifice – This to us means serving others interest above one’s own.

Compassion – To us as a value helps us to relate to the needs of others and being able to help alleviate the stresses of construction projects and to be as forthcoming as possible.

Quality – A value for durability, functionality, customer satisfaction, and overall positive impact of our products and services for all involved.

Excellence – A value for growth, reinvestment, recommitting, and pursuing greater challenges and rewards.



Safety on a project is always a big concern. Keeping our job sites tidy and as free as possible from things like nails sticking out of boards, tripping hazards, and sometimes even slippery areas is an absolute priority for us at J. Givich Construction. I have my share of scars from the past and that’s why I know the best job site is a safe one for reed springs remodeling. I never want to see anyone get hurt especially if it was easily preventable. Not having safety on the job only reduces productivity and leads to extra expense that neither the homeowner or contractor have any tolerance for. As for our team at J. Givich Construction, we are responsible for our actions and hold each other in high regard to keep each other safe. This is a practice we consider to be a habitual skill, or second nature if you will, that everyone of our employees and associates involved with our projects participates in. Furthermore any employee or outside person/people deliberately disregarding or purposely trying to get hurt or hurt someone else in fact will be removed from the premisses without exception! Also, if applicable, any lawful actions will be pursued against all offenders. Being safe is the only tolerable action!


About Our Owner, James Givich:

I James Givich will share with you now the experiences I’ve had throughout my life, at least the ones that really stand out to me. I was born in Concord California in 1969 and raised in that area until 1987. Then moved here to Kimberling City, Missouri on Table Rock Lake because my mother and father retired and loved this area of the country. Before we moved, I started in the building trade at a very young age with my brother-in-law who happens to be about 20 years older. He use to take me to jobs with him because I would stay with my sister in the summers in Fresno, CA. I have nothing but respect for that man, he has been an integral part of my life. I think of him much like a father figure. Anyway, the first job I remember working at, I was approximately 12 years old, he handed me a hammer and showed me what to do. The hammer was a 28 oz framing hammer, which is the largest one of course, and being the first time to ever really consistently work with a hammer, it was quite a challenge. After completing the task of nailing up siding on a house with his hammer, I can still remember the blisters, but it gave me such a sense of accomplishment and coupled with the fact I was able to hang with the big boys, I wanted more. So began my construction career. From that point of course, there was a lot of sweeping floors and working my way up through the ranks. I’ve never had to look for work. It’s always found me, although I’ve even been an outboard motor mechanic and have also worked at a houseboat rental company on Table Rock Lake for many summers after moving here and in the winter working construction, eventually realizing the construction industry was the most rewarding for me. And since I landed in the construction industry no one can say I’m afraid of hard work. I also play just as hard, with the family and friends there’s never a dull moment, bonfires in the backyard, fish frys, boating, or just hangin’ out.

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  • Integrity

J Givich Construction guarantees your satisfaction. We stand behind our work.



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