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At J. Givich Construction we take great care in working with the homeowners needs for reed springs remodeling. The collaboration between our team and the homeowner is essential to achieve the results desired. There are many aspects to designing a project, building a home, or remodeling an existing home and with this in mind, having the many skills, talents, and practice our team has will make the project run smoothly. One of the small designs we have done, was to in-bed the cabinet over the toilet, into the wall for additional depth to allow for towels to be stored. One of our larger designs was putting in a vaulted ceiling on the first floor of a two-story home. Some of the challenges are small and some are large, but we’re always up for that challenge to create something new and unique with reed springs remodeling. Needless to say the convenience our team can provide with the knowledge and passion we bring to a design-build makes J. Givich Construction the right choice.


Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling can be something as small as putting crown molding up in a room or as large as completely changing the room by moving walls. Or it might be as simple as renovating your home just to freshen it up and make it look new again. Your reasons for remodeling or renovating could be anything from a fire or flood, to termites or storm damage, or as simple as just wanting a fresh change. This is something J. Givich Construction has much experience with. From start to finish, our team is involved in every aspect of the remodeling project. If it’s your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, basement build out, or even the entire house inside and out, J. Givich Construction has done all these types of projects many times. Everything from demolition to clean up, to moving walls and reworking electrical and plumbing, to the finishing and resetting furniture. From older homes to newer homes with our experience, we guarantee there’s no job that we wouldn’t be able to do. With our exceptional craftsman skills throughout the project, you will enjoy your home for years to come.


Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom is an essential piece of your home where optimally functioning structures and features have to be there. You use the bathroom in your most private and personal needs and you should prioritize the work that goes into the bathroom as such. When it comes to working with J. Givich Construction, we understand the value of a great bathroom. It helps relieve you of any personal stress and may even provide profound relief. With any guests that you have come over as well, they will remark to you when you have a fabulous bathroom.


Through our processes and our specialized techniques, J. Givich Construction is here to make the process go easily and smoothly with your bathroom remodel and reed springs remodeling. We’ll also have the great expertise and connections to amazing subcontractors who, if needed, will come in for the plumbing and electrical work too. That’s why it’s important that if you schedule a time with us to do an estimate for our work, you’ll see that it will be worth your while to visit with us on your next bathroom remodel project.


Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen is a safe-haven for your cooking and your diet. As you prepare excellent meals for your family and for yourself, you should have the best quality appliances and construction work done to represent your excellent, home-cooked meals. When working with J. Givich Construction, you’ll find that not only will you have a masterpiece of work with your kitchen, but it will be done in a timely manner and be within our on-budget guarantee. With all the granite options that are out there, and the different appliances you could choose from, and the many scenarios you could create with your remodeling project, it’s good to have the insight of our skilled team that has been building new kitchens for people for decades.


Read more about this in our full page on kitchen remodeling and how we help clients get to their dream kitchen.


Room Additions & Expansions

Adding on to your house is a skill we take seriously. After all, who wants an addition that doesn’t look like it belongs to the property? Depending on the type of addition, there are many aspects to consider. Whether your adding another story to the home, an additional garage space, expanding a kitchen or bathroom, or adding a bedroom, if they’re not executed correctly you could end up with an unlivable property. Inherently, through the trust of our past customers, excellent reviews, and by looking at our completed work, it will become obvious to you that we know what we’re doing. Using the knowledge that we have and have gained through the many projects that we’ve done, provides us with a unique insight on how to get the most out of your investment. J. Givich Construction is a proven and trustworthy contractor in the Table Rock Lake area.


Decks, porches, patios, pergolas, pavers, carports, and more.

Now on the outside of the home there are several ways J. Givich Construction can improve your outdoor living space with functionality and convenience. And here in the Ozark mountains around Table Rock Lake is a prime area to treat yourself with a beautiful deck. Some of these decks incorporate things like rock fireplaces, TV’s, built in benches and planters, pergolas, swings, and so on. Although there are thousands of products to choose from, we will help you make decisions for the most applicable materials to be used based on your needs and desires, and incorporate them to provide you with years of enjoyment.

Patios are also an excellent way to increase value and enjoyable experiences to the exterior space of your home. We’ve built patios with materials such as stamped concrete, flagstone, pavers, and even tiled concrete. We can even run electric underground for yard and pathway lighting.

Things like garden sheds, carports, pergolas and many other outdoor projects are in our forte as well, if there’s something you want to build, just ask!

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  • Integrity

J Givich Construction guarantees your satisfaction. We stand behind our work.