Kitchen Remodel

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You want a new kitchen reed springs remodeling and that’s exciting. Things have been going well in your life and you want your kitchen to illustrate that to those you love to spend time with. In an alternate scenario, you could be needing a spruce up with your place to keep things lively around the house and in your life. Whatever the case may be, this is all new and exciting. What happens though is you soon realize as the optimistic homeowner who decided to start a kitchen remodel, this is can seem like a very daunting task and could create stress at every turn.


With J Givich Construction, we fully understand this. You make your home look even more beautiful than the 1st day after you bought it, but there are so many options and ways to be able to make this possible. Through our decades of experience & arduous amounts of knowledge on reed springs remodeling types of designs, our team of intelligent workers at J Givich Construction will come up with great works of art for your new kitchen remodel. Before we ever get started in deconstructing any of the kitchen, we have to know your goals and what you’re looking for. What are you wanting to accomplish with this new kitchen remodel? Is it simply just an upgrade on the current appliances, architectural features, or design schemes? Are you really trying to expand out your kitchen, make room for more space when cooking, or move around the fixtures to more optimal places? See what we mean when we say that the process can be arduous?


That’s why you need to hire contractors who have a fantastic reputation in the area. In fact, a large majority of our clients have come from our previous clients through referrals and repeat work. That should be giving you a clear message on what you can expect with J Givich Construction, nothing less than exceptional. Let’s dig into the details though for the steps it takes to implement a fantastic kitchen remodel.

  • Architectural Study
  • Conceptual Layout
  • Deconstruction
  • The New Remodel Creation
  • Cleanup & Constant Check-Ins

Architectural Study:

You want to dive right into installing that new sink or that granite countertop now, we get it. Before anything takes place though, we have to take a study on the architectural features of the kitchen. Unless we were the ones who built the home for your reed springs remodeling (see our page on New Home Construction for details), we do not know how and what the former team of contractors were thinking when constructing this home. There may be some structures that have lost their integrity and need reinforcing. Parts of the foundational framework may have some imbalances and need to be adjusted for the kitchen remodel. Quite possibly, there may be nothing shocking or alarming at all. Until we spend the time though to investigate, we don’t know what we don’t know.


Conceptual Layout:

You will be involved throughout the whole process, but this is where you’ll likely have the most fun. This is the point where after finding out what’s possible through our architectural study, we can then hopefully narrow down our options for a conceptual layout. We’ll know what we can and can’t do with this new kitchen remodel. You will have the most enjoyment though taking a look at magazines, catalogues, and browsing ideas on the internet of what you’d love to do with your kitchen remodel. The options can go as far as the eye can see. That’s why we will be assisting you in your conceptual layout and determining the best options for you. Part of the collaboration will also be in maintaining your budget and price range for the project. It’s one of our highest priorities to stay with our on-budget guarantee. So while you may want a giant water slide feature for your new sink, that may not be the wisest option for you.



While you just had fun finalizing your conceptional layout, it’s time for our team to have fun and get into the action. For starters, we need to deconstruct to the bare bones of the kitchen remodel. So going behind the drywall, taking out the current cabinetry, and almost like a game of operation, looking for those touch-up spots that need upgrades and adjusting. Often what we will find is that the plumbing that was installed when the home was built has lost its stability or unfortunately, was not installed for the best, optimal use. We find this very often as well with electrical work in the homes. Too many people are getting “ozarked” and are dealing with contractors that don’t give a care in the world for excellence and leaving a project 437% better than they found it. So while most of the plumbing & electrical work we can fix ourselves, we know who the real all stars are in the area to provide a side kick assistance to your kitchen remodel.

The New Remodel Creation:

Once those bare bones fix ups are completed, we will move on to the parts that you’ll enjoy the most. Since we just worked with electrical, that will transition smoothly to the lighting set up in the home, which in itself, can really transform that kitchen to an HD movie set. Then we hang up the drywall, plastering the mud & sand for a firm foundation which takes a few days to dry & complete. And as with most kitchen remodeling, the flooring will likely need to be repair & upgraded with the rest of the place. So now that we have the lighting, walls, and flooring looking fantastic, it’s time to deal with the part you encounter on a daily basis, the cabinets and countertops. These areas of the kitchen remodel go along with the sinks, fixtures, and appliances that can really make your new party guests say wow!

Cleanup and Constant Check-Ins:

Throughout the whole kitchen remodel process, from start to finish, one of the most important aspects is to always check in with you on our work. You’re busy with your obligations and your life. That’s part of the reason why you hired us or would consider hiring us. As our team makes a masterpiece out of your kitchen though, we will be taking the effort to inform you about our work, to check-in and see if you want any guidance or further information on our time. And once it’s all done, we will leave it like it’s a brand-new kitchen, like it wasn’t a major construction site a week ago.

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  • Integrity

J Givich Construction guarantees your satisfaction. We stand behind our work.


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